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Nowadays, most of products are made outside of the United States. This trend is growing and subsequently weakening the United States economy.

Wal-mart, a significant retailer in the U.S., used to boast that almost all of their merchandise were made in the USA. Has anyone heard of that proud statement from this retailer lately?

"Made in U.S.A." label on any product is known to consumers as a pride of product quality, of workmanship, of fair labor, and of human dignity.

This "Made in USA" page is compiling those items that are still manufactured in the USA. Who knows, someday these same items might be "Made in non-USA." :-(

Updated (11-27-12): To preserve the integrity of this page, there will be no advertisements here, or any sponsorship for this page; especially nothing from the manufacturers or distributors of the products mentioned here.

Updated (3-17-13): This page seems to favor the products made inside the U.S.A., however, it doesn't mean it is anti-nonUSA products. In this global era, we all understand that the U.S.A. cannot make everything for everyone. The impossibility is due to many many factors; one of these is the competitive prices of the products for the consumers. If anything made in the U.S.A. is priced below similar item made outside of the U.S.A., then it is a significant recognition to its manufacturer. (As a reminder: A USA product is not the same as a USAsub product which can be rated below a nonUSA product.)

As usual, while shopping for something to use everyday, I looked for something Made in USA. This toothpaste struck my eyes because I had never heard of Dr. Ken's toothpaste and its box had a more artistic design compared to other toothpastes I saw. It was more attractive when I saw the statement Made in USA printed right at the front side.

This is what it says on the front side: "Dr. Ken's / Dentist developed / All natural Toothpaste with Green tea extract / Fights odor-causing bacteria / Cavity fighter with flouride / Freshens breath, whitens teeth with Natural antioxidant / Spearmint Flouride Gel / Whitening toothpaste / Made in USA."

On one side, the box lists out ingredients and their corresponding benefits, such as: "Green tea extract / Antioxidant;" "Papain (Papaya plant) / Naturally whitens teeth;" "Stevia extract / Natural sweetener;" "Aloe vera gel / Antioxidant; protects & sooths gums;" "Carrageenan (seaweed) / Protects & sooths gums;" "Sorbitol / Moistener;" "Hydrated silica / Stain removal." However, below these benefical info, there is this statement: "FDA has not evaluated these claims. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease."

As indicated nearby, Dr.Ken's toothpaste is the property of Dr. Fresh Inc. / Buena Park, CA 90620. Besides English, half of the box is printed in French (Fabrique aux Etats-Unis) which is fun for me to see how much I have learned this language. :)

How does Dr. Ken's toothpaste taste like? I tried it right after the purchase. Its taste resembles the taste of toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I'm sure it could be a should-buy item for those with sensitve teeth. For me I had to buy it, because it was Made in USA.


I was about to pass by the candies' shelves loaded with tons of candies that I have known, or should I say it more clearly that I have known they were not made in the USA. I suddenly noticed some candies I had never seen. These candy boxes were quite distinctive because they were decorated with this powerful statement "Made in Philadelphia, PA, USA". I could not resist myself from buying some of these candy boxes: Firstly, to enjoy a sweet treat; secondly, to document another product that was made in the USA.

The Goldenberg's Peanut Chews has at least 2 kinds: Original dark and Milk Chocolatey. One side of the box is printed: "Goldenberg Candy Company / Philadelphia, PA 19136 / A division of Just Born, Inc."

The box indicates that the candies have been existed since 1917. The top of the box where I saw the powerful statement above has this little story: "PEANUT CHEWS candies have been a Philadelphia favorite since 1917. These chewy, chocolatey bites loaded with crunchy peanuts orginally served as a WWI ration bar. Today, Just Born continues the delicious candy making tradition started by the Goldenberg family more than 90 years ago."

For some reasons, I tend to like products that give me some entertainment, no matter how little it is. A different graphic design, or an interesting story is entertaining. Years ago, I thought U-Haul trucks are boring, and sometimes an eyesore to many cities. However, lately U-Haul trucks are painted with features of certain locations that attract some viewers like me. Sometimes, I intentionally got closer to any U-Haul truck to see what is painted on that truck. Same hauling service, just more pleasant attraction from the public.

Talking about entertainment, I cannot stop enjoying the barcode printed on these Peanut Chews boxes. The top of the barcode highlights some buildings and a cracked bell which I assume to represent Philadelphia. Same boring barcode, just more entertainment for the public. I like it (Where is my stamp of approval? :-)


I have been using this hair gel for many years. Truthfully, I don't seem to know the name brand of the product. Whenever I needed it again, I just grabbed it from a store's shelf without mistaking it with other kinds.

My action of grabbing it without knowing its name brand was almost like an instinct. I think because my mind was imprinted with the shape of the transparent bottle and its various colors for many years that I didn't find a need to memorize its name brand.

Until now, when I have to observe it to write a description about it for this page. Once and for all, for myself and others: This hair gel is named Vital Care, distributred by Key Brands at 16035 East Arrow Highway in Irwindale, California 91706.

It was not my instinct to use hair gel. It was after a haircut in a salon, the hairdresser applied something to my hair to make it look very nice. I asked her what that thing was. She said, "Hair gel. You can buy it anywhere to keep your hair look better." From then on, I've never run of hair gel.

I am not sure when did I actually start using Vital Care hair gel, but I remember that I really liked it because it seems keeping the hair in place with just a decent amount of it. At one time I tried to use another brand and was so disappointed with it, because with a handful amount (That's a lot!) of the other kind, my hair was like having nothing on it. From then on, Vital Care hair gel was my only choice. And as I mentioned seconds ago, I didn't pay attention to the name brand for the last many years, until now. That sounds crazy, doesn't it?


These Nathan's Famous chips are distributed by Inventure Foods, Inc. in Goodyear, Arizona 85338.

These chips seem to be corn puffs with interesting shapes and flavors. Shown in this pictures are Chili Cheese and Honey Mustard.

On the backside of the bag, there are these statements about Nathan's Famous chips: "In 1916, two young Polish immigrants named Nathan and Ida Handwerker put down their $300 life savings to open a frankfurter and French fry stand on Coney Island, New York. They called it Nathan's Famous!

"In addition to selling the country's newest taste sensation, the hot dog, Nathan and Ida served golden, crinkle cut French fries. Nothing like ordinary fries, cut thick and hearty with a unique, crinkly shape then cooked to a golden brown perfection.

"Today, Nathan's Famous brings you the same taste of their crinkle cut fries served all over the world in a delicious snack! These thick, crunchy crinkle fries contain no trans fat and are perfect for snacking any time!"

I love the true story of the origin of this product. However, because of the story, I really want to savor the real copy of the original fries, but that dream of mine will never come true. Meanwhile, I settled with this version of the original Nathan's Famous fries which I think is more like corn puffs. Good enough to go with my beer. :-)


These Zest bar soaps are distributed by High Ridge Brands Co., Stamford, Connecticut 06905.

So far, there are three scents I could find: Fresh Aloe, Ocean Breeze, and Aqua.

Presented in English, French, and Spanish, this soap doesn't say much on the outside except this statement:"Ocean Breeze (or Fresh Aloe, or Aqua) has a refreshing scent and rich lather that rinses clean, leaving your skin feeling smooth & Zestfully Clean."

What is "Zestfully Clean"? Truthfully, I didn't see any difference compared to other soaps after using Zest bar soap. However, I noticed that the Zest bar soap is intelligently designed. The center of the bar is concaved significantly (biconcave) to give the user a sure grip on the bar while running the soap in the shower. Don't tell me that you never dropped a bar soap while showering. This intelligent design of Zest bar soap seems to recognize the repeated situation and come up with a solution. Should I say "It is Zestfully smart?"


Glucosamine is known to keep a joint healthy, especially the knees. Arthritis seems to happen when the glucosamine in the body is inadequate.

Distributed by IPD in Industry, California 91746, this Formula 747 Joint Support is one of good sources of glucosamine. One time I had a knee pain and learned about Glucosamine for the first time, and by chance, I took this Formula 747 to test the suggestion. Since then, the knee pain never comes back. Maybe Glucosamine has nothing to do with the pain disappearance, and maybe it does. My dilemna now is that I should continue taking this supplement or stop it to see if it was my lifesaver :-(

The backside of the box has these statements: "This unique proprietary blend provides Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Curcumin. These ingredients offer nutritional support for healthy joints by lubricating and nourishing damaged tissue and cartilage. Used by athletes and adults concerned about maintaining joint flexibility and comfort, it is ideal for hands, wrist, elbow, hips, ankles, neck and back. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.)"

One more [minor] thing I like about this product: It has a very nice design of "Made in USA" statement as you can see in the photo.


These brittle candies are distributed by Morelia Candy International in Inglewood, California 90304.

They are candies, but the sugar in them is low which is good for weight-watchers, and also with low-level of sugar, the taste of the main ingredient stands out, in this case, either the sesame seed or the peanut.

The label doesn't lie, the candy is 100% natural and gives energy all day (at least most of the day? :-).

As seen in many perishable products, these candies have expiration dates which is the late spring of 2013. Too bad, these candies could not last till that date, because they have been digested in my belly. Yummy! :-)


This citrus-scented liquid is used to remove unwanted greasy and sticky substance from a surface.

Presented in English and Spanish, the front label says: "The #1 brand for sticky, gummy, gooey, greasy problems!"

The lower end of the back label states: "Goo Gone, A Premier Brand of The Homax Group, Inc., Bellingham, Washington 98227"

The upper end of the label says: "America's #1 remover eliminates tough problems without harming the surface below!" I am not sure if Goo Gone is the #1 remover in America, but I know it works very well to remove the sticky residue of a very sticky adhesive tape. Good Goo Gone :-)


This FREEZ PAK reusable ice substitute is made by LIFOAM Industries LLC in Hunt Valley, Maryland 21031.

The label on the item says: Safe -- Non-toxic -- Colder than ice -- Place in cooler for picnics and camping -- Wrap in towel for first-aid use -- Avoid prolonged direct contact with skin..

The backside of the item is impressive. The Made in U.S.A. statement is permanently molded into the item. (No chance to remove a label and replace with a "Made in Somewhere Else" label :-)


These eye-catching shapes have two purposes: to decorate and to prevent slipperiness in a bath tub.

The Safe-T-Shapes are made by Compac Industries, Inc. at 2617 Talley St. in Decatur, Georgia 30030.

Presenting in English, Spanish and French, the backside shows that they come in five designs: Swans, Fish, Sea Shell, Daisies, and Feet.

I like the Feet designs, but I hope there are other colors for feet, besides pink. :-)


One thing for sure, the United States will never run out of man's best friends, or dogs, therefore treats for these family pets must always be available.

These big-value medium-size dog snacks are distributed by Mountain Country Foods at 201 Industrial Ave., in Okeene, Oklahoma 73763.

The bone-shaped treats are mostly made of wheat flour. There are five flavors: Bacon, Chicken, Beef, Peanut Butter, and Vegetable.


This thing is one of the most popular U.S. products in the world. It is the brand new Windows 7 Professional operating system. Its manufacturer Microsoft Corporation is no stranger to most of us. In case you haven't known, Microsoft is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

There are many famous U.S. brand names, but unfortunately many products of these famous names are not made inside the United States. As you can see here, the Windows 7 Professional package was made in the U.S.A. I'd be very alarmed if it were labeled "Made in North Korea." (!!)

At this moment new computers are loaded with Windows 8. And, I am sure Windows 9 is being researched to be someday officially born in the USA. I myself still have one Windows XP, and one Windows 98. (!) These ancient machines are still good for games. :-)


I wouldn't be surprised if this funnel was made outside of the United States.

And, to be featured on this page, you can guess that I was very surprised when knowing that this funnel was manufactured right here in the U.S.A.

The plastic is quite thick and durable. If you notice you can see two linear bumps on the ear of the funnel where there is a hole for storage purpose. These two little bumps are intelligently designed to prevent slipperiness while funneling the liquid, especially oily ones.

The label on this funnel shows some information about its birth: Rhino Gear, F3 Brands, 2400 N.W. Industrial Parkway in Miami, Oklahoma 74354.


There is no doubt that these chocolates were made in the USA; with the obvious indication of a U.S. flag and that proud statement on the backside.

These chocolates are manufactured by Elmer Candy Corporation in Ponchatoula, Louisiana 70454.

Every box has these signatured statements: "Since 1855 our family passion has been crafting chocolates from the finest selection of cocoa, caramel, truffles and cremes. Whether you want to bring a smile to someone's face or just show how much you care, we make it easy to Celebrate with Chocolate."

During the Holidays, the Elmer Chocolate boxes are printed with several cute designs which brighten up the season.


These Fresh Cup coffee filters are manufactured by Rockline Industries in Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53082.

Somehow, I don't drink coffee frequently. Therefore, after photographing the item for this page, I tried to come up with something useful that these coffee filters can do besides their common function.

A light bulb popped out above my head. I grabbed a stack of them, probably about 40 (?) and filtered a cup of my tap water. Wow, the taste of the filtered water was instantly purer for drinking.

From this unexpected discovery, I thought it is a good idea to save some of these coffee filters to use in case of an emergency when water needs to be cleaner. Of course, their main function is to filter coffee in everyday life. :-)


Note: To preserve the integrity of this page, there will be no advertisements here, or any sponsorship for this page; especially nothing from the manufacturers or distributors of the products mentioned here.

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