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--- Thursday, July 10, 2014__

While the House Speaker John A. Boehner in Washington D.C. is talking of suing President Obama for his extensive use of the executive power, several persons in the political arena are searching for the impeachment of the President.

Thousands of miles away from the Capitol Hill, in the small town of Yorba Linda, California, some smaller political voices are supporting the idea of removing a U.S. president from office.

In front of the Yorba Linda Post Office, two young men set up a small booth to attract passing-by drivers. There are some posters of President Obama with a touch-up of Adolf Hitler's mustache.

"Aren't you afraid," I asked, "to be seen as a prejudiced person while the President is an African-American, and you are white?"

One of the two men, by his first name Ed, responded that Martin Luther was once mentioning that a political fight is not because of the color of someone's skin.

I also asked Ed, "Portraiting President Obama in the image of Adolf Hitler. Isn't it a bit too much?" Ed said some people in Europe think what Mr. Obama is doing is similar to what Hitler was doing back then.

"Is it easy to remove Obama from the White House?"

Ed said that the task is up to the Americans; if the Americans want to, they can.

(Updated: 7-21-2014)

--- Sunday, June 22, 2014__

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--- Sunday, April 27, 2014__

This morning about 10 a.m., after a shower, I fell asleep and had a dream.

In the dream I was running and sometimes flying. I knew at that time that I was in a dream, because I had been dreaming like this many times before; flying is a hint of an ongoing dream. However, I let my dream continuing until it could end naturally.

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Ambigram is a design in which alphabets can be recognized in more than one way.

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--- Monday, August 19, 2013__

According to a saying, dog is man's best friend.

Here is Lucy, a very adorable English bulldog who can be a best friend to human being.

Few pictures have been taken of her, but this very first shot was the most natural, because other shots followed were "ruined" by her shyness with the camera. Does it sound like a Hollywood celebrity being bugged by papparazzi ?

--- Monday, March 4, 2013__

Readers of the Orange County Register newspaper might not be awe-struck with news stories that have been circulated recently through other media means, such as, internet, television, and radio. However, on the same Front Page, readers can see an announcement about the comics of the daily newspaper that cannot be presented easily by other media.

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--- Thursday, February 28, 2013__

In the afternoon, a police helicopter was seen circling approximately around Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley.

A male voice from the helicopter was heard: "You are under arrest. Come out to the curb. Get down on the ground. Put your hands above your heads."

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