New Art Gallery on the Main Street

Tuesday, January 13, 2015__

The Main Street of Yorba Linda, California, has a new art gallery. The gallery is named Art by Inna.

Artist Inna Pankratova, after many years on the road to show her paintings, now has a homebase to display her works for art lovers to visit frequently.

The Art by Inna gallery on 4886 Main St. will have the ribbon-cutting Grand Opening on Monday, January 19, with music and good food, (Caviar, anyone?).

The Main Street in Yorba Linda dotted with trees and plants is quite romantic and pretty.

It is now prettier with artistic colors radiated from this gallery which displays many impressive paintings which seem to capture the beauty of nature through a creative human mind.

The creative human mind of Inna Pankratova was inspired and tutored by Russian artist Ekaterina Grigoryeva.

Pankratova was the only student of Grigoryeva.

Ekaterina Grigoryeva was well-known in the artist circle in Russia.

Initially, Pankratova was not very much into painting until after Grigoryeva passing away in 2003.

Pankratova still remembers how Grigoryeva showing her how to hold a painting tool and strike a canvas to create art.

Inna Pankratova was born in Baku, near the Caspian Sea.

She continued her college education after immigrating to the United States after the Cold War.

With a scholarship, Pankratova finished a beauty academy and worked for the Graham Webb Academy as a design coordinator.

Encouraged by Grigoryeva, Pankratova was gradually getting more serious in painting.

Having two babies did not slow down Pankratova to sharpen her talented skill.

Inna Pankratova probably has had around couple hundreds of paintings and half of those was sold throughout the years.

Some of her paintings were donated to fundraise for charities.

More information about Artist Inna Pankratova can be found at her website:

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