Sunday, April 27, 2014 ----

Strange Dream

This morning about 10 a.m., after a shower, I fell asleep and had a dream.

In the dream I was running and sometimes flying. I knew at that time that I was in a dream, because I had been dreaming like this many times before; flying is a hint of an ongoing dream. However, I let my dream continuing until it could end naturally.

At one time I flew passby a film crew which was pushing an equipment rack while filming something along the path. I looked down and said to the crew, "It'd be nice if you guys could film from up here. With something like a copter, or a quadcopter." They looked up to me and smiled. One man who seemed to be in charge of the crew said, "Maybe many years later."

When the film crew and I was about to separate for our own ways, I asked the man in charge who was a young Caucasian with a light-colored beard, "What is your name, Sir?" The man with a constantly friendly facial expression responded, "Hudson. Director Hudson."

"Hudson, Hudson," I kept repeating the name until the dream faded forever.

I woke up and wondered why someone who is a movie director and named Hudson would come up in my dream. I don't pay much attention to movies. Sometimes I don't even know the names of the main actors and actresses of a movie, leave alone director's name.

I wondered if any movie director in the world has the name Hudson.

The dream is strange.

It is strange because many people have explained to me that dreams are the results of what you have seen or heard many times before, and these facts are imprinted in one's mind for long time; meanwhile I don't even know any movie director by the name Hudson, whether he is white or black, having a beard or not.

I instantly jumped out of my lazy-chair and looked for information about someone I have never seen or heard before. Yes, this is the beauty of the internet : I can always find out some facts without leaving my house, and without breaking my brain.

I went to a search engine and typed in "movie director Hudson." To my excitement, there is someone who is a movie director by the name Hudson.

I picked the link of to see more about Director Hudson. I didn't seem to have any connection with this man: Big generational and geographical gaps. Suddenly I noticed that Hudson was known for the movie Chariots of Fire.

"Chariots of Fire?" I've never heard of a movie by the name "Chariots of Fire." I've heard of "Chariots of God" which was a very interesting German theory that suggests that strange objects on Earth seem to have connection with outer space beings.

Without knowing "Chariots of Fire," I suspected that the movie is about an ancient civilization which uses chariots as their daily transportation. I recall there was something in my strange dream that looked like a chariot which was actually a mobile filming equipment rack.

I was wrong. Further searches showed me that "Chariots of Fire" is actually a movie about some running men with some purposes. Wait a minute. Didn't my strange dream have some running involved?

With Google search engine, I realized that Director Hudson is a Caucasian man with white beard and prescripted glasses. Perhaps what I saw in my strange dream was Hudson in his younger years; I wonder if Hudson had aided glasses in his younger years? The dream had to be a scene of Hudson's younger years, not just because of his physical differences, but also of the lack of use of quadcopters that movie makers are using nowadays.

Now I know there is someone as Director Hudson, but why this existing being came to my mind in a strange dream? I have no clue. However, I can attempt to conclude here that a dream could be something delivered by some unknown forces for some reason.

I don't know how relevent is this strange dream to my life. However, I have learned that internet is a very useful tool to solve a lot of mysteries that could go unsolved for many people for a long time, or forever.

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