Comics Galore on O.C. Register newspaper

Monday, March 4, 2013__

Readers of the Orange County Register newspaper might not see much with news that have been circulated recently through other media means, such as, internet, television, and radio. However, on the same Front Page, readers can see an announcement about the comics of the daily newspaper that cannot be presented easily by other media.

O.C.Register's comics are printed in the Life section. Page 1 of this section today gives readers an overview of the comics "renovation" :

"New comics and Jumble for you

"We are adding 10 new comics to our lineup on pages 10-11. Starting today, you will see five new ones. In addition, Register subscribers will be vote on another five. Go to Page 11 for instructions on how to vote.

"The classic comics that ran in the Classified section most days also move to the comics pages.

"We moved all the crosswords and puzzles (including the one that ran in Classified) to two additional pages. And, to top off the fun and games, we added a Jumble puzzle.


Whoa! two full pages of comics. This is truly a comics galore.

As the announcement mentions, comics of the paper were printed before in two different locations, which would cause readers a little trouble to locate them both to enjoy all the comics of the day.

O.C. Register has started to print comics in colors during weekdays recently which makes the paper more special.

All puzzles have moved and gathered on the same location for more convenience for brainy puzzle solvers.

The paper is asking subscribers to visit its website to vote for 5 more comics to complete the full 2-pages of comics.

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