Closing Early for Super Bowl

Friday, February 1, 2013__

For days, one store has a sign posted at the front entrance to inform customers of the early closure of the store on Sunday, February 3, to enjoy the nation's most expensive sport event, by the name Super Bowl.

The coming Super Bowl event marks its 47th year. The game is between San Francisco Forty-niners and Baltimore Ravens.

The informing sign is seen at the Yorba Linda Hardware Store at 18281 Lemon Dr. where the display of some colorful merchandise at the outdoor cannot easily be missed by passers-by.

Yorba Linda Hardware Store was originally located at 4901 Main St. which is about 800 feet from the current location. The former location's building was built in the early years of the last century, about the childhood era of Richard Nixon; the possibility of little Richard Nixon had been inside this historic building could be greatly possible.

Art Brown took over this business around the turn of the century, and eventually moved to the current location for almost two years ago.

Why did he move? "It's the parking," says Art Brown. The parking of the former location is under the city's rules; and the outdoor market, or swapmeet, convened near the archway during Saturdays affected his business. Is he happy with the parking lot of his new location? Why not? It is large enough to play football, in a smaller scale. :-)

When being asked which football team will win Super Bowl XLVII, Art Brown says he is not favoring any team, but he is wishing the Baltimore Ravens to win.

Big question for him: "WHY?"

"Well," says Art, "I heard that one main guy on that team will retire after the game. I don't remember his name."

"Ray Lewis?"

"I think that's it; that's his name. He's been playing for so long and now getting to retire. I want him to win the Super Bowl ring as something to remember."

In this photo, "Quarterback" Art Brown is about to toss a touchdown pass to whichever team can play better than the opposing team.

Which team is better? Only one way to find out on the first account: Watch the Game.

Don't forget to wrap up your work earlier on that Super Bowl day as Art Brown is planning. :-)

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