Wednesday, January 9, 2013__

What's Special About January 9th?

It's not weekend, and the public library is closed?

That's strange, the public library is closed on a Wednesday!

Whenever I encountered an unsual scene like this, I would have a reminiscence of a scene in the Twilight Zone movie where everyone is disappeared or everything is "petrified" for no reason.

This is no twilight zone. This is a public library in a neighborhood that I have been so much alive for the last 60 minutes; more than that, for the last 60 seconds.

Seconds after I was shocked about the closure of the library for some reason, I am informed by a sign at the same front main entrance that the library is closed due to a holiday.

Holiday? What holiday? I don't see any holiday on a Wedneday in January 2013 on my very accurate calendar. Let's see: New Year's Day on Tuesday January 1st, and Martin Luther King's Day on Monday January 21st, and that's it.

Oh, wait. The sign mentions it is a "City Holiday."

Ah hah, I remember now. Days ago, on Sunday, January 6th, there was a big celebration at the Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace for the event that would have been Nixon's 100th Birthday if he had been alive (Centennial). And the City of Yorba Linda, California, has adopted Nixon's Birthday as a City Holiday.

Mystery solved!

Nixon, a very important figure in the 20th Century that paved the road to the booming 21st Century, deserves a day of recognition, at least at the local level.