Sunday, June 17, 2012__

Nixon's Birthplace 100th Year

This weekend marks a century old of the house where former U.S. President Richard Nixon was born. The small wooden house had been built shortly before Nixon's birth.

In The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, the Cold War-era President traces back to the very beginning of his life at the very first place he knew: "I was born in a house my father built. My birth on the night of January 9, 1913, coincided with a record-breaking cold snap in our town of Yorba Linda, California."

The house where Nixon was born has been renovated to be part of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda. About 200 feet to the east of his birth house is the display of Nixon's Air Force One helicopter which was an everlasting sight with Nixon when he left the Oval Office amid the possible impeachment from the Watergate scandal. About 100 feet to the west of this house are the burial sites of President Nixon and the First Lady Patricia.

To commemorate the 100th year of Nixon's birthplace, there is an exhibition of classic cars at the parking lot, besides other activities within the building.

A hot-sale souvenir item on this occasion is naturally a small replica of Nixon's birth house built with wooden pieces. The item is not cheap. Can you guess which country has built those wooden houses to maximize the profits on the sales? It seems like China. Hey, it is no surprise, since of most of everything nowadays are made in China. Moreover, it was China that Nixon had reached out to improve peace on Earth, or at least lesser "casualties" for the U.S. in the Cold War.