An Lac Duyen vegetarian restaurant in Garden Grove; on Garden Grove Bl., near Magnolia St.

Body and Foot Massage in Garden Grove; on Garden Grove Bl., near Magnolia St.

JSR Jewelry Design by Yener on Main Street in Yorba Linda

Tailor service on Main Street in Yorba Linda

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(LucMayMan means the Force of Luck, or the Luck Factor. As far as I know, no one has the same name in the world. I actually internet-searched this name many years ago.)

---- Monday, July 8, 2019__


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---- Tuesday, December 25, 2018__

Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Immortalized in a Wooden Statue

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--- Saturday, November 24, 2018__

---- Wednesday, November 15, 2018__

Can a Dream Tell About the Reality?

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--- Monday, October 22, 2018__

Some lottery participants picked certain numbers to beat the enormous odds of a game to gain a fortune.

Meanwhile, other participants picked certain geographical locations as their strategy to shorten their path to the achievement.

Let us take a look to see where in California some lottery tickets were bought with better results. Keep in mind, no one knows for sure how the luck actually works. Everything is only a reference.

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--- Tuesday, October 9, 2018__

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Halo Around the Sun Seen in Fountain Valley, California

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---- Tuesday, October 13, 2015__

XOs to Relieve the Freeway Congestion


A freeway is usually jammed because the exiting vehicles cannot move fast enough to make space for the entering vehicles to the freeway.

If any unexpected incident happens on a regular freeway (such as, vehicle collision, criminal activity, natural disaster, special event, road repair, traffic hours, etc.), then the exiting vehicles move much much slower, and the freeway becomes a "parking lot."

Our current quick-fix is to widen the freeway, but this can only make it a larger "parking lot."

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---- Monday, August 31, 2015__

"They-Their-Them" is kind of awkward to describe a singular third-person.
"He/She-His/Her-Him/Her" is quite a mouthful.

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--- Monday, March 30, 2015__

---- Tuesday, January 13, 2015__

The Main Street of Yorba Linda, California, has a new art gallery. The gallery is named Art by Inna.

The Art by Inna gallery on 4886 Main St. will have the ribbon-cutting Grand Opening on Monday, January 19, with music and good food.

The Main Street in Yorba Linda dotted with trees and plants is quite romantic and pretty. It is now prettier with artistic colors radiated from this gallery which displays many impressive paintings which seem to capture the beauty of nature through a creative human mind.

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--- Wednesday, January 7, 2015__

Batman now can get into and stay in everyone's house.

The Return of Batman this time is in the form of postage stamps issued by the United States Postal Service.

Good thing about a Batman stamp is it is good FOREVER to mail out a letter for the next--let's assume--the next couple decades.

--- Sunday, November 2, 2014__

--- Tuesday, October 21, 2014__

--- Friday, August 22, 2014__

--- Monday, July 21, 2014__

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