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This page is the list of items I have that can be exchanged for items you have that I might need [or want].
Each photo is the actual image of the item, not a stock photo; unless indicated otherwise.
I will try to describe in details all items listed.
Pick out the item you want and we will make an exchange.
Make sure fairness is part of any exchange.
By the way, this is not for-profit. It's more like demand-and-supply adaptation we should have to make life easier in this complicated world.

The tough plastic enclosure of this magicJack unit has never been opened, therefore the whole thing is brand new.

In case, you don't know what magicJack is, it is a module to be used as an extra telephone line. The unit needs to be connected to a USB outlet of a computer or laptop that has internet service. As a phone line, magicJack has no limit of calls within the U.S. and Canada, as long as the annual subscription has been paid, usually around $20 a year (a bargain!).

The unit will be assigned with a U.S. or Canada's phone number, so if you travelled to anywhere in the world that has internet service, you can call any number in the U.S. or Canada from this unit as if you were making a call from your own U.S. or Canadian home.

This is a genuine T-shirt manufactured by the Disney Company. __ Color: White __ Size: Large __ Dimensions: Chest-42 inches, Vertical length-28 inches, Sleve-to-sleeve-36 inches __ Material: 100% cotton. Made in Mexico.

This T-shirt might not be brand new, but there is not any sign of usage.

This is a used DVD from a video rental store. It looks new and works perfectly. It doesn't have a plastic cover, but it comes with a sleeve.

LaBou was released in 2009. It's about a little adventure by some New Orleans kids that involves a pirate ghost.

This link is the trailer of the movie:

This book "As Seen On TV" was writen by Lou Harry & Sam Stall and published by Quirk Books in Philadelphia, USA, in 2002 (printed in Singapore). The softcover and 144 thick pages of the book are colorfully illustrated with many photographs. The focus of the book can be summarized in this subtitle: "50 amazing products and the commercials that made them famous." Page 18 shows the Ginsu Knives, page 70 shows Tae-Bo, page 88 shows Chia Pet. Pages 72 and 73 show the ThighMaster introduced by a sexy blond-haired actress, as seen in the photo here.

This book is brand new (except that I had to open it to see what's in it to write this description).

This deck of cards was one of many genuine ones used at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. As a common rule of the casino industry, decks of cards are discarded after a short circulation to maintain high quality in the card games. Cards eventually were clipped at one corner to prevent them being reused at casino tables. Each discarded deck was repacked into a box and the box was sealed with a label with this statement "This Deck of Cards Was Used in Actual Play In This Fabulous Casino."

Each card in this deck has a blue lattice back with two MGM Grand logos. The cards were manufactured in Kentucky, USA. Many people would obtain this kind of cards as a collection item. Some would use the cards for fun. I myself have given some friends similar decks of cards as gifts.

This is a used DVD from a video rental store. It has some minor scratches that don't affect the quality of the images. It doesn't have a plastic cover, but it comes with a sleeve.

I actually watched this movie for the first time from this very DVD. The story of the movie is quite interesting with Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner, and other familiar persons, but I couldn't recall their names.

See the trailer of this movie from this link:

This 258-page book is almost untouched: no markings, no fingerprints. It probably was published in 1985. The front cover states: "Toyota Corolla (fwd) 1984, 1.6 liter (96.8 cu in)." The back cover gives more details: "Models covered by this manual: Toyota Corolla Deluxe & LE Sedan and Deluxe Liftback, Front-wheel-drive versions with 1.6 liter (96.8 cu in) engine. Does not cover 1.8 liter diesel engine or rear-wheel-drive models)." Photos and illustrations can be seen on every turn of the pages. There are about 30 pages of diagrams of the vehicle's electrical wiring.

Hakuba media card case is probably the best protection we have today. The outer shell is very solid, meanwhile the interior is rubberized to double-protect the memory cards. There's a closable hook which is handy to attach the case to any portable item. This case can contain 4 SD cards.

This letter opener is made totally of wood. The backside is written: " Carved in Rotorua New Zealand. " The pointed tip is dulled.

This lighting gadget is pretty cool. You can hook it up to any notebook or PC through a USB socket. The five LEDs are really bright like a small light bulb. The rod is bendable to conform to the lighting focus.

As I remember well, this manicure set was a Christmas gift I received, but I've never needed to use it. The set has 7 items plated with a shiny golden coat. It looks pretty and well-organized to me. This item is no longer available.

This sealed package is an accessory kit for Nintendo's GAMEBOY advance SP (GBA). Truthfully, I don't know much about Nintendo. If I want to play an electronic game, the Internet is my game room with endless choices. From the visual observation and reading of the description printed on the package, this "starter kit" has a protecting pouch for the GBA, one game link cable, one car adapter, 2 screen protectors, and 6 game pak cases. If you're planning to give anyone a GBA, then this kit could be a great bonus.

I found this item in my patio months ago. The clear plastic bag has been deteriorated (probably biodegradable which is environmentally friendly). The label says "Honda genuine parts, Made in Japan, [part number:] 11251-P2J-000." I was not sure what is it for until now when I try to post here. I Internet-searched (some of you might prefer the term Googling) the item and realized that this rubber belt is a Genuine Honda gasket for oil pan. This gasket is good for Honda Civic from 1996 to 2000 (this reference needs confirmation for accuracy). You might think since this item was outdoor for who knows how long, it probably has been damaged by the heat and cold. That was how I thought, but think about this: The gasket was made to stand the heat and the cold of a car engine, so the cold or heat in the patio is nothing to this gasket.

This is a generic BLACK ink cartridge that replaces HPC6656AN. The cartridge is still in a plastic seal. The container has a list of printers that can use this cartridge: HP DeskJet Series 450, 5150,5550,5650,5850; HP Photosmart 100, 130, 230, 7150, 7350, 7550, 7660, 7760, 7960; HP PSC 1200, 1300, 2100, 2200, 2400, 2500 Series; HP OfficeJet 4110, 6110; HP Copier 410.

This photo shows a 2 GB Hi-Speed Compact Flash (CF) memory card. I bought this item years ago, but only used it for several weeks before the camera was gone forever. To make sure it is still good, while writing this description, I tested the card with my built-in card reader on my computer, and guess what, it is working perfectly. In fact, I have copied an exact photo here into that card as a proof of my testing. Two cards in the photo are actually only one card shown on both sides.

Items I would love to see in exchange(s) are:

-- HP black ink cartridge 21
-- HP color cartridge 22
-- good rechargeable AA batteries
-- good rechargeable AAA batteries
-- mini DV tapes
-- Sony camcorder batteries or equivalent
-- Sanyo DB-L20 batteries or equivalent (3.7V 720mAh)
-- unused DVD+R
-- U.S. military poncho liners
-- DVD movies in Italian language

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Free stuff you can have:

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