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---Thursday 3-17-2011---

The rumor of $4 a gallon is happening Four dollars a gallon of gasoline is no longer a rumor. The number $3 in front of 99 cents does lessen the stress to the eyes, but it can never mask its definition of $4 minus 1 penny.

Almost $100 gas fill-up!! While retrieving the gas receipt after a gas fill-up, I discovered a half-torn receipt of the previous customer attached to mine. The total of that customer's gas fill-up was more than $85. The vehicle probably is a large one, because it was refilled with at least 21 gallons. I'm gald that my vehicle is not a gas guzzler.

---Wednesday 3-16-2011---

It is unreal! $201 million !!! Yesterday, no one hit the Mega Millions jackpot which is being rolled over to $201 million (!!!) for Friday, March 18. I have here a "lucky" ticket as one chance in more than 175 million posibilities! Some of the details on the ticket were deleted to avoid dispute.

---Monday 3-14-2011---

Tsunami she'd never be / Dreaful that much if not shown. / On TV she was freaky / Took everything as her own. Tsunami ------------------------------

--- Sunday 3-13-2011 --- Lost in translation __ According to the Bible, the world has had many languages since the collapse of the Babbel Tower. I don't know if that was true or not. All I know is we do have many languages, and some of them are quite tough to understand.
With the computer technology, we seem to narrow the gap of languages by using the technology to make translation between several languages. It is quite impressive. Sometimes by using this machine-operated translation, I thought I could understand some details within a news story written in Chinese or Arabic.
Knowing Vietnamese language myself, I sometimes tried to see if the computer translation of language was correct. I have to say that it is quite good; there's a 50% accuracy which means the other 50% needs improvement.
Today on the net, I came across one commercial description of a restaurant in Vietnamese language, I then let the computer translate into English. It was very good, except some names of special dishes that were totally hilarious. Here is a photo I took of that description (or menu).

What is " Suffering through the tunnel " ? The dish "Suffering through the tunnel" was translated from "Slow-cooked Bitter Melon."
It is a funny translation to me. However, when I heard of bittler melon, I would have some kind of terrible feeling. I've hated this vegetable since childhood because of its bitter taste. Somehow, the translation "Suffering through the tunnel" describes part of my bitter feeling toward this vegetable. Yeah, if I ever had to take a mobil lunch with this vegetale while moving through a tunnel, then the hilarious translation here is 100% accurate: "Suffering through the tunnel" ( !!!! )

---Saturday 3-12-2011---Alma's Birthday was announced yesterday, however there was no birthday banner until today.

Birthday banner for AA No one knows for sure how young Alma is.

__ Friday 3-11-2011__ AA rode a bike to work today. The mountain bike was bought in 1986 for $800 (pretty pricey, isn't it?) by her soon-to-be-her-husband. The decorative blue is the original paint. The longest trip by this bike was recorded as about 30 miles between Santa Ana and the beach.

Biking to work is a good exercise AA plans to ride the bike to work as much as she can. A trip to work is easier since it is downhill, the homebound trip takes couple minutes longer.

--- Thursday 3-10-2011--- Got home by 8PM and still didn't see my car parked in front of the house as I expected. I called the auto repair shop. They said they would drive it to my house in a moment. By 9PM, my dear car was delivered. I was so glad. The whole repair total cost was around $1000. Lots of money, but once I could zoom through the street again with my car, I felt the worth of the repair.
---Wednesday 3-9-2011---Second day to go to work with XN's car. We actually walked in to do a breakfast.
Breakfast Today, we had breakfast burgers instead of burritos. Lots of food to me.

--- No one hit the jackpot of Mega Millions last night. It is now 151 million dollars.

Giant Palm Tree Familiar scene.

---Tuesday 3-8-2011---XN gave me ride to work today. We stopped by a Carl's Jr. to buy breakfast. The breakfast burrito from this place was quite delicious.

We had a stand up about the new technology that will be implemented in April. The tray is yellow, and the rack is purple. Does it sound like a Lakers influence?
Tray of the new technology For a new machinery, the yellow tray is shorter than the gray regular tray. The fun part is the new tray has a "matching" color painted on the mobile rack.

What do I want to do, and why?

The adrenal rush is quite undescribeable.
I get so excited to see something done perfectly from my hands and thoughts.

__Monday 3-7-2011__ Riding a bike to work__ Today I rode a bike to work. It was quite an adventure from Garden Grove to Yorba Linda.

Waking up at 4AM I had set 2 alarms to make sure I could wake up at 4 AM. At 4:20, I was ready to leave home. It was drizzling.

Bus Route 37, Northbound At Euclid and McFadden, I took northbound Route 37 bus. The raindrops seemed to get more intense. Note the wet pavement. The fare was $4 with a transfer. The bus driver would not move the bus until each passenger paid up the fare; I could be wrong on this since I don't ride a bus everyday.

Waiting for Route 26 bus On Euclid, I got off at Commonwealth in Fullerton to catch a Route 26 bus. The sky was getting brighter. The air seemed to get colder. Luckily, I discovered my jacket has a folded hood hidden behind the collar, so I pullled it out to cover my head. Note the background is an AutoZone store. Isn't it a great contrast?

Getting off at Richard Nixon Library On Yorba Linda Blvd, I got off at the Richard Nixon Library.

Richard Nixon Library As one of my unbelieveable adventures in my life, I could not afford to miss a photo opportunity with a famous landmark.

Donuts Before getting to the workplace, I stopped by a donut shop to get some donuts as my breakfast. In the lunch room, people wondered about who had bought the donuts; some persons seemed to hesitate to eat donuts from unknown person. Hmmm....?? I wonder why??

Taking a break on the Home Trip It would take too long to take a bus for the homebound trip, especially I had to be at the garage by 6PM to pick up my car. Therefore, I rode the bike along the Santa Ana River. It was a great workout. Near the Angels Stadium, I took a quick break while taking a photo with the Angels "A" tower.

For many years I always wanted to try to ride a bike to work, but I was afraid to do so. Not anyone I know would encourage me to do that. Finally, today I had a good chance to do what I had always dreamed of.

My taste for adventures didn't just start overnight. When I was 20, I drove myself in a Dodge Dart 1975 to Texas from California. Yes, it was only myself, because no one I knew was gutsy enough to drive to the distant land. I eventually made another trip all the way to New Orleans with the same old car, and I cheated death on the second trip. Maybe I should write a book about all my adventures to share with the world.

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