Monday, July 8, 2019__

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This early morning my whole family suddenly woke up upon hearing me yelling loudly in my sleep. My wife, who slept with our baby in a different room, came into my room to calm down and wake me up from a possible nightmare. I instantly realized the whole thing I had seen seconds ago was unreal images. Nothing special, just a bunch of nonsense things people would see in their sleep.

I went on with my workday with no memory of the nightmare of the early morning.

Lunch time, I checked out my Facebook account to see if anything special happening around the world.

I was more like into the news about things related to the recent earthquakes that had rattled SoCal since the Fourth holiday. Nothing new; it means California will not be an island in the near future.

One of the news sources that appeared on the “notif-bulletin” of my account was the Nguoi Viet Daily News (NVDN) which is a Vietnamese-language newspaper based in Little Saigon, Orange County (Californina). I am kind of proud that I can read at least two languages that gives me an advantage of knowing more information than other readers which means more depth of certain facts and .... rumors (!).

The Nguoi-Viet seemed to focus on a crime that had happened in Garden Grove, a city with a noticeable Vietnamese population. I quickly skipped that news and was thinking maybe another shooting by some Vietnamese youngsters who were in a rage over a good-looking girl during last week-end. Nothing to do with me, nothing I can learn, nothing I can care much; basically nothing impressive.

I went on searching for different news, something that can improve my life to a higher level. Well, not my lucky day. Nothing was special to read. Somehow, the news about the crime on the Nguoi-Viet page appeared again as an invitation for me to read into details.

I then decided to read further about the crime on the Nguoi-Viet page. It was a robbery with one person died from the gunshots. The most striking detail was the timeframe of the crime. The crime was reported to the police at 4 a.m. which means it could have happened around 3 a.m. or after.
The day was Monday, July 8 which still existed while I was reading about this crime in details at lunchtime.

I thought to myself where was I this morning. OMG, I suddenly recalled that I had had a nightmare early in the morning and my wife woke me up from that nightmare. I did not pay attention to the time when my wife woke me up because at that time I thought it was just another nonsense thing people would see once in a while.

Curiously, I texted my wife who was at work to ask her what time it was when she woke me up this morning. She responded that it was around after 2 a.m. OMG, I could not believe this amazing coincidence. My wife asked me why was the question about the time. I told her that I had just discovered through the news on Facebook that a robbery and murder had taken place this early morning, not long after I had a nightmare.

I could remember almost everything in that nightmare because I woke up right in the middle of that nightmare. What did I see in that nightmare? I told my wife that some information from the police about the crime were so matching the details in my nightmare. I told her that I would write a true story about this amazing coincidence which to me was beyond the human understanding.

I have to say that I had a good lunch today. Food for my body for (part of) a day, and information that may make a breakthrough in my whole life.

Once I was back to work, I was so much into work. Working to me has many benefits: making ends meet in daily life, keeping myself from going to the bad side of the society, keeping my body in good condition, activating some hidden “talents” that I would never thought about until being discovered.

Many of us believe the universe has been created by a Creator. Assuming this belief is true, the Creator must be a talented and hard working being. Some of us do not believe in a Creator with a simple question “Who created the Creator?” To me the whole concept about who are we as human beings is still a mystery and someday this mystery will be explained satisfactorily, if all of us keep working hard (if not harder) within our own ability. One thing for sure, as my belief, we can discover and achieve more than what we can see through our own eyes in the future.

(true story ---- to be continued .........)

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