Can Dream Tell Reality ?

Wednesday, November 15, 2018__

( Text updated: 11/15/2018 6:22 AM )

By Tutran Govap

Can dream tell about the reality?

Some people have believed that assumption. The majority of us do not, because a dream is so unreal, so meaningless, and so unconnected with reality. I am one of those who do not believe in any dream that can reveal the reality.

However, lately, I have experienced something that could challenge my belief of non-belief in revelation from a dream. This morning I had a dream that tells my exact plan of my day. In that dream one alarm clock had gone off that actually woke me up. While being awake in reality and still could remember everything in that dream; I heard another alarm clock, from my smart phone, about five seconds after the alarm clock in the dream.

It was so unreal!! How could a dream have an alarm clock going off seconds before an actual alarm clock in reality? This is not the first time. I can recall there were at least two similar dreams that had happened with an alarm clock in those dreams that woke me up. I instantly told my sleepy wife about the two alarms from a dream and the reality.

Normally, something scary in a dream could wake me up to the reality and caused me to forget everything in that dream. This alarm clock dream did not; in fact, it gave me extra seconds to recall almost all the details in that dream. Let’s see what I could recall in that dream.

In that dream, I befriended with a company that employs many people of different of races. The company staff allow me to walk around their workplace. I notice one pretty girl who is always busy with chores. Her work corner is stocked with pieces of wood which shows me that she is a lover of wood, or a dedicated woodworker. On a ride in a compay truck, employees told me that the pretty girl was born in Cholon, Vietnam; her name is Mina, they told me. The company seems to be a vehicle manufacturer because vehicles are everywhere. Suddenly a cluster of vehicles with camouflage appear from afar and forward to an outdoor table where I sit with some emloyees to chat about their company. In the middle of cheerful gestures by employees greeting the approaching vehicles, one alarm clock goes off. It was the alarm that woke me up from the dream. And, about five seconds later, my alarm clock of 5:30 am from my smart phone in reality went off.

The dream was very clear, and I could remember everything in it, since I did not wake up from a scary moment. However, I was so focused on questioning the two alarm clocks in a dream and in reality, so I did not try to memorize everything in that pleasant dream to write it down later. Of course, by the time I decided to write down this experience, I have lost many details from that dream.

The bottom line is can a dream tell about the reality? How could a dream figure out my 5:30 am alarm clock on my smartphone and let an alarm clock in its dreamscape to go off five seconds ahead?

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