Monday, August 31, 2015__

"They-Their-Them" is kind of awkward to describe a singular third-person.

"He/She-His/Her-Him/Her" is quite a mouthful.

I recommend "Naw-Naws-Naw" for a singular third-person.

Let's try:

-- "I want a volunteer. Naw (He/She) has to know how to sing."

-- "By tomorrow, everyone has to complete naws (his/her) project."

-- "Don't tell this secret to anyone, unless you know naw (him/her) very well."

-- "Who has been singing nawself (himself/herself) in the bathroom?"

-- "A baby has to eat to maintain naws (his/her) immune system."

-- "One who knows nawself (himself/herself), has less trouble knowing the world."

-- "We love naw (him/her) as long as naw (he/she) loves us."

-- "If naw (he/she) could finish the homework tonight, this loaded piggy bank will be naws (his/hers) forever."

-- "A natural-born citizen has naws (his/her) right to run for U.S. president."

-- "Making naws (his/her) own rules could help nawself (himself/herself) through life."

-- "A soldier salutes nawself (himself/herself) in front of a mirror to practice."

-- "No one goes anywhere, until naw (he/she) is done with the test."

-- "Naw's (He's/She's) nawself (himself/herself) a shining star."

-- "No, naw (he/she) didn't gnaw your pencil for lunch."

I don't recommend to use NAW for a non-human noun.
Any non-human noun has had a pronoun already--the giant "IT."

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